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Re: Debian 1.3 Release Candidate

On May 21, Brian White wrote
> ****************************************************************************
> **                                                                        **
> **                       Debian 1.3 Release Candidate                     **
> **                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     **

Two things.

First, could you please get allow in a version of dpkg-ftp with the 
$dist =~ tr/\//_/; patch into frozen? Otherwise dpkg-ftp users won't be
able to install packages from hamm, since dpkg-ftp currently barfs on stuff
like "hamm/hamm" in the install phase. 

Also... I'm not sure if this should be sent to you or Guy Maor (I get a bit
confused with who's who sometimes...), but a version of lynx I uploaded to
stable got through even thought it depends on a version of slang that's not
in stable. Possible fixes are either "ask me to reupload a new lynx" or
"move the newer slang package to stable". Could someone speak up on which
one should be done? I currently have two bug reports filed against lynx
because of that. (I had originally sent that to your @debian.org address
but got no answer. You do forward that address to someplace where you read
your mail, don't you?)



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