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Re: Another one... _):

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Klee Dienes wrote:

> The following is a list of all packages in frozen that either depend
> on packages not in frozen, or packages in frozen/main that depend on
> packages in frozen/contrib or frozen/non-free.
> I've submitted a maintainer-only bug report for each of these packages
> individually; this report is just for those who may be interested in a
> summary of the errors.
> (There are also a number of packages which 'suggest:' non-existent
> packages, but I have not reported them here, as they are not important
> to the integrity of the release.  I'll be posting a more substantial
> list of problems with the packages in 'unstable' shortly after the
> release.)

The current policy allows packages to suggest packages in other
distribution (actually it's not explicitely forbidden) and so that's not a
problem. (They don't affect the integrity of the archive.)



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