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Bug system now tells maintainers about things

The bug system now CC's the maintainer(s) of package(s) affected
whenever a bug report is closed or marked as forwarded, or affected by
any of the control operations possible through control@bugs.

Please let me know at <owner@bugs.debian.org> about any problems.

You'll find that for control@bugs messages you'll get a CC of the
transcript which is sent to the submitter, and your entry in the CC
field will have a comment with the package(s) and bug number(s)
relevant to you.

Furthermore, notifications of all closed and forwarded bugs will soon
be sent to two special mailing lists, which I've asked Pete Templin to
set up.  At the moment the mail is being directed to
discard-all@chiark.greenend.org.uk, but this will change.  More news

I've also changed my address in the psuedo-packages.maintainers file
entry for bugs.debian.org.  Please leave it as owner@bugs - I know
this is different from my usual Debian address, and this is

Finally, thanks to Guy for dealing with the barfmail and stuff while I
was `away', and my apologies to him for the 40-odd test messages of
various kinds I've deposited in his poor overloaded inbox.


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