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Re: Bug#8814: dpkg: Executable conffiles in /etc/cron.*/ run even if package is deinstalled.

On Mon, 12 May 1997, Christian Hudon wrote:

> What's wrong with inserting a 
> test -x /usr/path/to/file/in/package/that/installs/cron/entry || exit 0
> at the top of the cron file? Just like we do with init.d files... Unless
> I'm really missing something, this would fix all the problems. No need to
> get dpkg involved. IMHO, this should be mandated by the policy manual, if
> it isn't already...

 Ups.. you're right... This would fix most problems... and that is what
should be done...
 But: Should scripts of deconfigured packages still be executed? The
package may be conflicting with another one...

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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