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Re: Additions to local web documents

> 	I can make this happen if I create a symlink in the directory:
>  /var/www/usr/lib/latex2html/icons/
> 	Do you think this is allowed?

Nobody's saying you can't do that.  It just looks a bit ugly, that's

> 	If not, how do I make latex2html create the SRC="xxx" segments
>  such that the links exist both while looking at the file locally
>  using lynx ~/public_html/cgi-sec/index.html and also using the
>  http://tiamat.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/cgi-sec/index.html ? I can see
>  no way of making a link under /var/www that would create valid links
>  in both cases.

I guess if you want to be able to browse either way, there's little
you can do.  Maybe copy the image files (if they're small) to the
same directory where the HTML is so that you can use relative links.

 - Jim

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