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Re: Failing postinst script with suidmanager

On May 10, Christoph Lameter wrote
> The set -e just sets up the script to abort in case of an error. One of
> the statements in that script must cause the error and the abort. Maybe
> others have more ideas how to approach this....

If you're debugging a shell script which is normally run as

	garlic bagel toasted with butter

you can trace its execution by executing a command of the form

	(set -vx bagel toasted with butter; . garlic)

If garlic isn't in your current directory, you'll need to specify its

This creates a subshell, turns on tracing, passes your arguments
into it, then sources the file.  Usually, the differences between
/bin/sh and /bin/bash are trivial enough that you can use bash
for your debugging.  [ok, these are the same in practically all
debian systems -- I hope that will change eventually.]


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