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Re: config packages [Was: rm -r * and the default prompt]

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Enrique Zanardi wrote:

> On Tue, 20 May 1997, Nicol=E1s Lichtmaier wrote:
> >  I think that this is the kind of thinking that is killing Debian.
> >=20
> >  1) Newbie setting doesn't mean annoying settings.
> >  2) `real men' like you can change those settings.
> >  3) Configuration packages is an awful idea that goes against the idea of
> > package. A better solution would be a system setting that packages would
> > check an install the apropiate default.
> >  4) We aren't building a distribution only for us.
> >=20
> >  Let's stop being so narrow minded... We need a little of marketing... We
> > need to be known as an easy distribution for newbies...
> The problem with that approach is that many of those "newbie" settings
> are just a matter of taste. We don't want to set a thousand of those
> parameters in hundreths of different config files that will have to be=20
> edited to reset them.

Not if we can use a config database to do most of the mindless changing of

> It would be easier if all those parameters could be grouped in a
> single config package. We may have a handful of those to choose
> (hint: "themes"). It may even be useful for localization!
NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We should _NOT_ use this name. I hate it (and its probably
trademarked as well). But I don't have a better suggestion :(

However, good point. I don't like the idea of a package doing this,
though. I think the best idea will possibly be to get a proper global
configuration interface sorted out (dcfgtool, anyone?), and then you could
do something like:-

/theme1/bash/ps1	"\\h:\\w\\$ "
/config/bash/ps1	not set
/default/bash/ps1	"\\$ "

Then, set "theme" to "theme1", and you will have your prompt as
"\\h:\\w\\$ ". Set it to "none", and you get the default. Set the variable
"/config/bash/ps1", and it won't be affected by changing the "theme".

Nice idea, maybe we should add a scheme like this (implementation etc.) to
the objectives for hamm.

> I don't see the reason why you don't like the idea of Config packages.
> Can you elaborate a little more on that, please?

It just seems wrong to me (like having a "dummy" package which contains no
files, but has dependencies). It's not clean.

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