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Re: Does PGP build on big-endian systems?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> [ Please don't Cc: public replies to me. ]
> I'd like to know if the current version (2.6.3a-1) of the Debian
> PGP source package builds on big-endian systems. There's an open
> bug report for an older version that includes a patch. I've fixed
> it differently (in a more generic fashion, I hope), but I can't
> test it on a big-endian system. Could someone running a Sparc
> or M68K (I think both are big-endian; Alpha is little-endian,
> isn't it?) try to compile it and send me a report?

I tried it:

1/ your method to detect between little/big-endian architectures fails because
  debian/debian script isn't executable after I extracted sources using
  dpkg-source.  You have to run chmod +x ... before running it.
2/ I guess this method will break in cross-compiling environment because the
  test program will be of wrong architecture (built for target and not for
  compilation platform).
3/ I cannot build pgp-us but it's merely because I don't have rsaref library ;-)

I just compiled pgp-i but not tested it because I don't have a keyring
installed on my sparc at the moment.  I previoulsy tried a 2.6.3 release
compiled with -DHIGHFIRST and it worked, so I guess this release should also

Due to troubles that will occurs in cross-compiling environment I'd prefer
either to do a static test in debian/rules, or to add other linux-<arch>
entries in upstream makefile and pass linux-<arch> target instead of all.


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