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Re: Bug#9242: dpkg: dpkg could be smart about Changes information

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> > It would be useful if the kind of information sent to the debian-changes
> > mailing list were integrated into dpkg.  For available updated packages, a user
> > could use information about the number and Urgency: of each intervening update.
> > Also useful would be access to the developer's comments on each upgrade.  
> I can see why this would be useful.  However, there is the problem of
> transferring all of this data to the user's system.
> The more information we try to provide the user with the more they
> will have to download for each package that they choose not to install
> or upgrade.
> In this particular case, I'm unconvinced that supplying the user with
> the whole change history of a package is a reasonable thing to
> attempt.

IMHO, a parser for the "Last week's uploads into i386" files regularly
posted to debian-(devel-)changes would be ideal. Then you create another
mailing list to house these announcements only, and make dpkg remove the
old info when the package is upgraded.

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