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Re: Advice on copyrights (Re: TkRat (fwd))

On May 4, Mark Baker wrote
> Is this OK for the main distribution, or will it, as I suspect, have to go
> into non-free?

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > As I understand your copyright notice, it forbids it's inclusion on a CD
> > sold by a commercial company, even if it is only one of many programs on
> > there? Is that correct? This doesn't stop it being included with debian, 
> No, the only thing I forbid is that somebody else does any (significant)
> modifications to it but still call it TkRat. You are welcome to put it on
> CDs, comercial or not.

This to me looks similar to the copyrights of parts of (La)TeX, which only
allow redistribution of modified versions if these are named differently.

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