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Re: 1.3 installation report.

> 2. I installed shadowing as it suggested - started installing packages
> merrily.  I also installed and configured NIS - however, I cannot log in
> any in my personal account - though I can finger anyone without trouble.  I
> deinstalled shadow by doing a shadowconfig off and that still didn't fix
> the problem.  I'm not sure what to put this down to, any suggestions? (I
> can log in as root via ssh fine).

Can you use any yp commands ?  For instance does this work:

   ypcat passwd

I noticed after upgrading a client's system to 2.0.30 that this command died 
halfway through the first time it was run after stopping and restarting nis.
After running the ypcat once it would then claim that the server was down 
until nis is restarted.

This made it impossible to log into the system, so I had to boot of a rescue 
disk and remove the + entry from /etc/passwd.

Once that was done I logged in and found the ypcat problem --- going back to 
2.0.29 fixed it.  I've not had chance to track it down any more than that.

Cheers, Phil.

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