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Re: at is broken

On 7 May 1997, Klee Dienes wrote:

>Christoph <debian@miriam.fuller.edu> writes:
>> The test is wrong. It should check for the existence of /etc/suid.conf and
>> not /usr/sbin/suidregister. /usr/sbin/suidregister can exist without the
>> suidmanager having been configured yet. I dont know what happens when
>> suidregister is called with an unconfigured package. Debmake packages
>> check for /etc/suid.conf before using suidregister.
>Just out of curiosity, what happens if the suidmanager package has
>been removed, but not purged?

That is a case I have never thought about. Probably the script will fail.
So we need to check for the presence of both. Is there not a simple way to
check that a package is installed/configured?

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