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1.3 installation report.

Hi Guys.

I just tested the new 1.3 disks and the system seems great.  Of course,
there are some little qwerks which I'm not sure if they're related to my
hardware or not.  They are:

1. After completing the badblocks scan when 'initalizing' a hard disk, it
starts writing the tables - I get "Could not get a free page..." error come
up - however the format finishes and the partition seems fine and usable.
(This could be hardware related - I've had FATAL GCC errors before when
compling after a 0.93r6 install).

2. I installed shadowing as it suggested - started installing packages
merrily.  I also installed and configured NIS - however, I cannot log in
any in my personal account - though I can finger anyone without trouble.  I
deinstalled shadow by doing a shadowconfig off and that still didn't fix
the problem.  I'm not sure what to put this down to, any suggestions? (I
can log in as root via ssh fine).

Karl Ferguson
Tower Networking Pty Ltd   Tel: +61-8-9456-0000     karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services   Fax: +61-8-9455-2776     karl@debian.org

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