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glibc 2 for Debian/SPARC


  I read that Debian 2.0 will be based on glibc 2.  I'm happy to participate
in this project for SPARC stuff.  Debian/SPARC is not fully usable nowadays.
It contains only a network bootstrap method slightly buggy (but usable I hope)
and a very small set of packages.
Instead of compiling other packages against libc5, I think it could be better
to build & upload libc6 before.  So I'm trying to package it for Debian/SPARC.
Actually I should use a development release of glibc because the public one
(2.0.3) doesn't include support for SparcLINUX.
So I would want to know how to proceed:
- when my libc6 for Sparc will be ready, should I try to merge changes to
  current Debian glibc sources, or just upload binary packages and wait for
  an official release that support SparcLINUX?
- which gcc release should be used to build programs for libc6? (gcc
- which packages should absolutely be rebuilt to provide a basic development
  system based on libc6?

I would also want to know a bit more about libc6:
- which dynamic loader is used to run binaries? I saw that libc6 provides its
  own loader, named ld-linux.so.2.  The latest ldso package says it works with
  libc6 but provides ld-linux.so.1.  So, is ldso package still needed?

Thanks in advance.

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