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Re: base-files does not create /usr/local directories

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Brian White wrote:

> > > In fact, as part of the Deity project, I'd like to do something a little
> > > more elaborate.  I'd like to be able to remove or change any arbitrary
> > > path.  (This was originally Behan's idea, actually.)
> > 
> > Ok, then I'd suggest I change the proposed section in our Policy to state
> > that currently, directories in /usr/local have to be created in postinst
> > (that's the only possibility _now_) but this will change in the near
> > future when this feature is added to dpkg/deity.
> Well, since it's too late for this to have any effect on Bo and this
> should be easily done before Hamm gets released, I don't see how this
> will accomplish anything as far as the "public" user base is concerned.

It's just a matter of documentation. Creating the empty directories in the
postinst scripts is what our packages are currently doing since this has
been proposed on debian-devel. Thus, I want to document this "implicit"

With the note I added about the new feature maintainers should realize
that our current solution is just a workaround. If dpkg/deity has this
feature implemented, I'll change the policy to the new scheme. 



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