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Bug system `followup' messages

At the moment debian-bugs-dist gets copies of all new bug reports, and
copies of `extra information' provided by sending to submit@bugs with
a bug number in the subject or by sending to NNNN@bugs.

I think that this is not as good as it could be, because
debian-bugs-dist is not going to be as dilligently read by maintainers
as debian-devel.

If a developer wants to follow up to a bug report intending that other
developers should see their message and discuss it, should we (the
people who run the bug system) arrange that they have to:

(a) Send their message to NNNN-quiet@bugs (for filing in the bug
system) and debian-devel.  This is the current situation.

(b) Send to NNNN@bugs.  Currently that will send it to
debian-bugs-dist and the relevant package maintainer(s).

(c) Send it to a new address, NNNN-discuss@bugs or some such.

Or, alternatively, would yet another list for followup messages be a
good idea ?


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