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confusion regarding kernel-source and ibcs source

Recently, I grabbed the newest ibcs source (ibcs_970513-2) and compiled it
sucessfully on my machine (running hamm and kernel 2.0.29). I then
proceeded to try the same thing on two other debian machines (running 1.3)
using the same source for ibcs. It choked because
/usr/src/linux/include/linux/modversions.h was missing. I realized that I
did not install the kernel source on these machines and did so and tried
again. Still choked due to that missing file. So I decided to look at if
modversion.h was included in the kernel source. It isn't. Doing a search
using dpkg --search, I found out that file only exists in 

modutils: /usr/doc/modules/examples/Stacking/modversions.h 

So my question is, does kernel-package put that file into the source tree?
Or, more generally, how did it get into my source tree? Also, should there
be some documentation in the ibcs package warning of this? Cheers.

	  Colin R. Telmer, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
		School of Policy Studies, Queen's University
		     Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L-3N6
	      (613)545-6000x4219   telmerco@qed.econ.queensu.ca
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