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Re: Bug#9196: XFree86-3.1.2 still around?

In article <xe1zpucd76w.fsf@maneki-neko.cygnus.com>,
	Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com> writes:

>> However it is possible to compile an X11R6.3 based on Xfree3.2, by getting
>> it from the X consortium rather than the Xfree86 people.
> Sure; what would be the point?  I may take some of the
> security-related library fixes from X11R6.3, and maybe the gzip font
> code (since wrote it :-) but I don't think we need a bleeding edge X
> release of our own...

It's not that bleeding edge (about three or four months old) nor our own
(it's from the X consortium, which is surely more standard than Xfree86?),
however I can understand you not wanting to change.

The ability to generate secure cookies is useful if you want to play one of
those multiplayer games like Xblast that run on one machine and display on

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