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Re: config packages [Was: rm -r * and the default prompt]

bem5r@virginia.edu (Brian Mays)  wrote on 20.05.97 in <m0wU4O2-000PtyC@localhost>:

> I would not advocate implementing such a package this way.  Most of
> the config files that we would be interested in fixing for newbies can
> include or source another file.  Take sh-like shells for example.  We
> would have the /etc/profile file (that is the file provided by the
> bash package) source another file (if it exists) that would be
> provided by our hypothetical config-package.  We can even use the
> update-alternatives tool to sort out which config file will be soured
> when multiple config-packages are present on a system.  This is more
> in line with what I was thinking.

One thing that I have missed in this debate so far: a lot of the  
configurations relevant to this discussion should really be adjustable per  

With that in mind, wasn't there some dot file generator? Could that thing  
be made to do this?

MfG Kai

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