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Re: compiling with gettext

On Tue, 13 May 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> I have been trying for some time to solve Bug #8882 against the 'sp'
> package, which says that in order to make it buildable under glibc,
> I need to call libintl as well as libnls in order to accommodate glibc,
> and to define LINUX_TYPES_H for glibc.  I made those changes and could
> no longer get the program to compile.  After a while I realized that
> the changes were unrelated to my inability to compile the program; which
> I tested by going back to the original sources and trying recompilation
> without the fixes.  Sure enough, I got the same error messages:
> 1.  First there's a complaint about an undefined dgettext in 
> lib/MessageTable.cxx.  I think I bludgeoned this one by inserting the
> line 
> #include "/usr/share/gettext/intl/libgettext.h" 
> in the top of that file.  

This means you compiled with libc6 headers but didn't link with libc6.
Linking with libc6 will fix the above, and fully gettextizing the sources
will fix it for libc5.

> 2.  When I then recompile the program I get the message:
> MessageTable.cxx:102: parse error before `const'
> MessageTable.cxx:103: parse error before `const'
> MessageTable.cxx:104: parse error before `while'
> MessageTable.cxx:105: parse error before `while'
> where the four lines in question are:
> extern char *dgettext(const char *, const char *);
> extern char *gettext(const char *);
> extern char *textdomain(const char *);
> extern char *bindtextdomain(const char *, const char *);

The problem is that gettext, etc., are being recognized by the
preprocessor! You don't need these, you should #include the appropriate
libintl.h instead.

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