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Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable

On May 1, David Engel wrote
> On Apr 30, Christoph Lameter wrote
> > On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Christian Meder wrote:
> > >After upgrading to 1.4.2-5 ncsa doesn't start anymore. I suppose the
> > >reason is that according to buildinfo it was build with ldso-1.9.2-1
> I doubt that ld.so-1.9.2-1 has anything to do with the problem.

OK. Maybe I misinterpreted something. The facts:

* when I try to start /usr/sbin/ncsa I get
bash: /usr/sbin/ncsa: No such file or directory
Actually ncsa is there and it's an ELF executable
* less ncsa shows me that there is /lib/ld-linux.so.2 compiled in;
this link doesn't exist in my frozen installation

* dpkg -S ld-linux 
ldso: /lib/ld-linux.so.1.8.10

My conclusion was that this ld-linux.so.2 link came from the updated
ldso package. This seems to be wrong !

Can somebody enlighten me where the problem is hidden ?



Christian Meder, email: christian.meder@utoronto.ca

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