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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

Excellent summary. This problem needs sorting out. 

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:
> Anyways, I don't want to mess around with different meanings of
> the Backspace/Delete keys all the time just because the author of Emacs
> did this mistake!


> Let me summarize (and please correct me if I'm wrong):
> 1) everyone agrees that "Backspace" (the "<--" key) should delete to the
>    left

> 2) that "Delete" (the "del" key, or "Entf" for germans :-) should delete
>    the key the cursor is standing on


In addition, the left arrow should probably move to the left without
deleting. I'd be happy for this to be a guideline where that key is
used. This is less important than the previous two points.

> 3) ^H (that is Ctrl-H) should act like "Backspace"
> 4) except within emacs, where ^H should bring up the online help

No real comment about 3 and 4. 

Ideally this should work logging in to and from remote machines as well.

> Anyways, I'm talking about the "default kbd configuration" of a Debian
> system. Everyone is free to override this with his own meaning of some
> keys. 


> For example, we could ask the user at installation time of the emacs
> package, whether he/she wants to
>   a) ^H _and_ Backspace to bring up the help screen 
> or
>   b) ^H _and_ Backspace delete the character to the left
> Of course, some workaround we be good.
> > 	Change thingslike this around, and see another jihad erupt ;-)
> Hey, I'm not going to give up that early! 

> BTW, I not talking about implementing the keyboard configuration as 
> described in the LJ article. However, the article is good to understand
> the concepts of key translation in a Linux system and the problems that
> arrise with it.

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