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Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable

On May 2, Joey Hess wrote
> David Engel:
> > Then why don't you volunteer to maintain it?  This is no different
> > than any other package that has been orphaned.
> No, there is an important differance. In this case, there is no orphaned
> package, you have just removed functionality (a.out compatability) from an
> existing package (ldso). 

I don't think the difference is that significant.

> Could you make an ldso-aout package, and immediately orphan it? Most of our
> a.out compatability stuff is orphaned anyway, but at least people who need
> it would have the package then.

No, remember, I am the upstream maintainer who decided to drop support
for the a.out dynamic loader.  Note that this doesn't mean that a.out
won't or can't be supported.  It just means that I am not going to do

You or anyone else is more than welcome to take the existing source
for the a.out dynamic loader (I didn't delete it) and take over
support for it.  An alternative approach would be to take the source,
update it so that it can at least be built with libc6 or, preferrably,
be made completely independent of any libc and send me the patches.
In the latter case, I would probably turn a.out support back on by
default, though I still wouldn't officially support it.

> I'm not sure if all this discussion really matters, though. Doesn't kernel
> 2.1.x lack a.out support? So in 6 months to a year, you'd have to run an
> obsolete kernel to use a.out binaries..

I don't know what Linus' and friends' plans are.  It looks like a.out
support is still in 2.1.36.

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