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Re: dpkg and older systems

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Philip Hands wrote:

> Log into the target machine.  In my case I dialed into another machine on 
> their network with PPP and used ssh to log in.  Install the non-debian tar of dpkg (available in project/experimental):
>  tar -C / -xvzf dpkg_1.4.0.8_i386.nondebbin.tar.gz 
> at this point dpkg was unable to run, because the c library was well out of 
> date (was giving ``Unable to resolve symbol sysinfo'' errors), so I copied 
> /lib/libc.so.5.4.20 from another system, and ran ldconfig.
>  dpkg --clear-avail   (someone suggested this, so why not)
> WARNING: DO NOT install ldso until you've got a recent kernel installed, 
> otherwise you are likely to end up without any shared binaries --- I did this 
> once, and I wouldn't recommend it ;-)

I ftp'd over a libc.so.5.4.20 but ldconfig keeps putting the link for
libc.so.5 to 5.0.9 rather than 5.4.20.

Anyone have any clues about this?  The ldso is 1.7.3 and the kernel is


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