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Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable

David Engel:
> On May 1, Thomas Koenig wrote
> > Joey Hess wrote:
> > 
> > >I was asking becuase I maintain a necessarily a.out package (abuse), and I 
> > >guess it'll have to be dropped now.
> Why must abuse be a.out?  Could you not link it staticly?

No source code :-(

> > Does that mean that Maple VR3, which is only available as an a.out
> > package, will no longer run on Debian once hamm has been released?
> > 
> > Maple is a critical application for lots of people in Academia.  This
> > will force lots people not to use Debian.
> Why don't one of you take the source for the a.out loader (it's still
> included) and make a new package and support it.

Couldn't the current ldso maintainer just split out a package for this? I'd
do it, but I really don't know anything about ld.so.

See shy Jo.

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