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GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

Hi folks!

I just read the excellent article "Consisten Keyboard Configuration" by
John F. Bunch in the Linux Journal, issue #38.

It would be nice if we could specify a keyboard configuration in the
Policy Manual. That is: we define how each key should behave in the Debian
system and configure all our packages to apply to this standard. In Debian
2.0 each key should perform the same action in a program, no matter if you
run it on the console, in an XTerm, or somewhere else (e.g. standalone X

For example, on my keyboard I can use the up- and down-arrow keys to
scroll in "less" (on the console and in an Xterm), but the PgUp and PgDn
keys only work in the Xterm--not on the console.

I suggest that we form a small group of people (3-5 persons) that write a
section for the policy manual, adopt the major packages together with
their maintainers (kernel keytables, X, etc.), and help the other
maintainers to adopt their packages afterwards.

Any comments are welcome.



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