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dpkg/DEITY feature request (was Re: e2fsprogs_1.07-1 still in 'experimental' !)

On May 14, Yann Dirson wrote
> Version 1.07-1 in experimental of e2fsprogs has been superceeded by
> 1.10-2 in unstable. I think it should be removed. (experimental
> shadows unstable on my system; I think this is normal...)

This shadowing is all to do with the order of directories at the [U]pdate
step: if a package occurs more than once with different versions, the
later occurrence overrides the earlier one. So if experimental comes last
in the list, it will shadow unstable; if it comes first, it will be
shadowed. I know that dpkg-mountable allows you to change the order of
directories in [A]ccess, but it should be possible to do in most access

Having said which, it's far from ideal, the way it is. Some, of course,
would argue that you shouldn't be installing automatically from
experimental anyway, but I disagree. What would be nicer would be a
mechanism to somehow store *all* available versions in the Packages file,
along with where they came from, and let the user choose which to

How about it, guys? Could this go into Deity?



PS To get files moved/deleted on the FTP archive, file a bug against

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