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Re: ircii_EPIC3.004-1

'David Welton wrote:'
>Hi, I have been experimenting with the packaging system and lurking here
>for a bit, and now I'm starting to put something together.
>The program I would like to package is ircii-EPIC3.004.  This presents me
>with a bit of confusion concerning the numbering system.  This is a
>'hacked' irc client, an offshoot of the main development, that happens to
>work quite well.  I'm sort of curious how I ought to number it.  For now I
>left it alone, as it's the only one I use, and it regards the current
>'real' irc as an older version (ircii-2.9.3roof), so, it works.  The
>problem is that they are both 'ircii'.  I suppose I could call 'mine'
>irciiepic, but...blech, it seems sort of ugly:-)  Is this the only way to

Another option is to get the upstream to incorporate patches that make
the EPIC changes run-time options to the standard ircii.  I think you
should hold off on uploading this package until the upstream ircii
maintainers accept the changes.

Really, how many versions of ircii or bash or gcc should Debian have?
Let's not confuse our users with too many choices (we have enough

In sum, try to merge the offshoot with the main development.

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