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Re: a.s.r manpages

On May 26, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> 	Would the doc directory be better for man pages? Why games?

Check out the manpages at http://www.bofh.net/man/:
lart - Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool - use a lart to adjust lusers'
sysadmin - responsible for everything imaginable that may or may not have to
	do with the system you're using. Contraction of "system" and 
think - you don't have to think, the computer can think for you 
bosskill - send a signal to your boss, or terminate your boss 
knife - tools to improve network performance via SNIP 
luser - process to control the clueless induhviduals who (mis)use computer
	systems, peripheral devices and system administrators. Word play on 
	"loser" and "user" 
nuke - launch nuclear weapons at mapped USENET sites 
pmsd - Periodically Manic System Daemon. Manages the bizzare and sometimes
	unexplainable behavior exhibited by computers 

etc...; games looks like a better qualification.

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