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Re: --> Debian Bug #10000

This might be a mini-project for someone:

I'd like to see a graph of the total number of bugs, number of open bugs
plotted on a graph vs. the date.  Perhaps superimposing the release dates
on it too.

It would be cool if we could somehow track the number of machines/users we 
had too.

I checked the Linux Counter:


18948 reported
19038 values
  822   4.34% distribution:DIY
 2023  10.68% distribution:Debian
  373   1.97% distribution:Other
 1283   6.77% distribution:Red Hat
  201   1.06% distribution:RedHat
  406   2.14% distribution:SLS
12445  65.68% distribution:Slackware
 1484   7.83% distribution:Others

(looks like we beat Red Hat, go figure...)


 - Jim

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