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Re: ae's vi attempt on boot disks stomps on real vi symlink

cas@taz.net.au (Craig Sanders)  wrote on 12.05.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.970512173620.5666R-100000@siva.taz.net.au>:

> the following are some of the steps i take to build a debian system
> the after base disks have been installed:
> ae ~/.bashrc            # change prompt to include cwd.
> source ~/.bashrc
> mkdir /debian           # i don't want it under /var/lib/dpkg/
> ae /etc/modules         # doing it by hand is more flexible
>                         # and easier than the configure modules part of
>                         # the installation program.
> ae /etc/conf.modules    # turn off appletalk and ipx to speed up ifconfig
>                         # (not needed now with latest modutils)
> ae /etc/resolv.conf     # add nameserver for localnet
> ae /etc/init.d/network  # configure the network
> /etc/init.d/network
> modprobe nfs
> ae /etc/fstab           # add nfs entry for my debian mirror
>   Note that editing of the config files above takes place BEFORE the
>   debian archive is available, so I can't install vi manually yet.

You don't need an editor so much as you need an easy NFS install option.

We certainly should have that. (And it should certainly be possible in a  
lot less memory than even the smallest vi takes.)

> mount /debian
> dpkg -i /debian/local/kernel-image-XXXXX.deb
> dpkg --set-selections </debian/local/standard_selections
> dpkg -i <various_packages>  # my own "manual pre-depends" :-)

... and we also want a method to automatically install Debian, via the net  
or a CD, into a pre-determined configuration. Windows and OS/2 can do it,  
we should be able to do it as well. Insert disk (and optionally CD), boot  
machine, go away, come back when Installation is done.

Just like with these other systems, this needs a locally prepared boot  
disk. I'd say a locally prepared kernel (good enough to see CD or network  
card), one or more text files with configuration info. Mount CD, NFS, SMB,  
NCP, whatever, and go.

If it's not a CD, could even get the configs from the net.

Looks like a good project that is only marginally related to the standard  
install disks - well, it still needs the base tarball.

MfG Kai

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