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Re: Bug#9813: rxvt 2.20-4 : Bad setting of TERM environ variable

On May 15, John Goerzen wrote
> Brian Mays <brian@debian.org> writes:
> > rxvt (and rxvt-xpm) always exports the variable "COLORTERM" so that
> > programs can check for color support.  As a side note, when XPM support
> > has been 
> Unfortunately, I know of no programs that make use of this variable.  In
> fact, I believe that ncurses doesn't even use it.

The S-Lang library support it. For a demonstration: start up rxvt (I've used
2.20-4) and fire up mutt. You'll have colour support, with $TERM == xterm .
Now start it up "env -u COLORTERM mutt". It'll be black&white.

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