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copyright question for abuse

Crack dot Com has decided to release abuse as public domain software. So no
more a.out abuse, once I get the new one built. But I do have a couple of
questions about their copyright:

 This release is to the public domain, meaning there are very few
 restrictions in on use.  But here are a few :

 Restrictions :
   Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Abuse Trademark and data sets.

 Disclaimer of Warranty :
   As with most Public Domain software, no warranty is made or implied
   by Crack dot Com or Jonathan Clark.
 Export Restrictions :
   I'm not a very legal person, so I don't know if PD software can
   be exported countries subject to U.S.A. export restrictions (currently
   Cuba, Yugoslavia, Hati, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Syria).  Just to
   be safe don't put it there.
 Things you CAN do :
   Make another game and sell it commercially
   Use bits and parts as you see fit.
   Learn how to make a better game
   Port Abuse to any system you like.

This all seems ok except for maybe the export restrictions section. We don't
have a non-Cuba-Yugoslavia-Hati-Iran-Iraq-North-Korea-and-Syria section like
we have a non-us section.. so does abuse belong in non-free or on some
us-only ftp site, or what?

Also, what is being released into the public domain is the abuse engine, but
not the data files for the actual game (levels, sounds, so on). Those still
have a non-free copyright. So there will probably be a abuse-libs package
that is in non-free, which will stick abuse, which will depend on that
package, right back in contrib, where it is now.

See shy Jo.

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