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FEEDBACK WANTED: Re: wrong arch declaration in dpkg.

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Vincent Renardias writes ("Bug#8794: wrong arch declaration in dpkg."):
> ...
> > The good definition of powerpc processors is 'powerpc', not 'ppc'.
> Was this issue settled ?  This will be hard to change later, so it's
> important to get it right quickly.

	I'm glad who bring this issue back, because I asked on this list a 
while ago and got no feedback...

Current situation:
* Apple's MkLinux packages (in .rpm) have architecture set to 'ppc'.
* Most Linux packages availlable for Apple have architecture set to 'ppc' 
* GNU utilities (gcc, glic,...) all consider the right architecture name 
is 'powerpc'.
* Ulrich Drepper (quoting from memory) said : "The name of the processor 
is 'PowerPC', so the name of the architecture is 'powerpc'."


I'm currently in the early stages of porting Debian on a PowerMAC.
So should this version should be called 'Debian ppc' or  'Debian powerpc'?

I have no real opinion on this issue and was ready to go with 'powerpc' 
thus respecting GNU's naming. Should I do this or not?


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