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Re: Does PGP build on big-endian systems?

> It shouldn't. The program get-endian.c is:
> 	  #include <endian.h>
> 	  #include <stdio.h>
> 	  int main(void) {
> 		  printf("little-endian\n");
> 	  #else
> 		  printf("big-endian\n");
> 	  #endif
> 		  return 0;
> 	  }
> As far as I can tell, <endian.h> should define __BYTE_ORDER
> based on the target architecture (it is defined conditionally
> depending on which architecture-specific preprocessor symbol is
> defined, and that symbol depends on the target architecture),
> so the output should be correct for the target architecture,
> even if it is run on the source one.

Lars is perfectly right :-)


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