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Re: Bug#9242: dpkg: dpkg could be smart about Changes information

swift@bu.edu writes ("Bug#9242: dpkg: dpkg could be smart about Changes information"):
> It would be useful if the kind of information sent to the debian-changes
> mailing list were integrated into dpkg.  For available updated packages, a user
> could use information about the number and Urgency: of each intervening update.
> Also useful would be access to the developer's comments on each upgrade.  

I can see why this would be useful.  However, there is the problem of
transferring all of this data to the user's system.

The more information we try to provide the user with the more they
will have to download for each package that they choose not to install
or upgrade.

In this particular case, I'm unconvinced that supplying the user with
the whole change history of a package is a reasonable thing to


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