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daylight savings time: POSIX vs real world

I dont know if the failure of daylight savings is due to POSIX like the
timezone wierdness is or not, but heres my beef.

For ages, my box was an hour behind, because we had daylight savings time.
I was just to lazy to set the right time with "date"

But lo and behold, one day I boot into win95 (you can tell I dont use it
much :>) and it puts the clock forward to the right time for me.

I dont know why, but I was positive that Unix handling of time was much
superior to anything else.  Can anyone explain why this wasnt set?  I hate
to think M$ actually did something right that we didnt.

And if that is the correct default behavior, could someone provide an
option in the installation whether they want the time thingy to handle
daylight savings time?  I just like nice stuff, I dont care too much about
POSIX in the situations where POSIX is just gimped up.



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