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Re: daylight savings time: POSIX vs real world

<jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

> That would certainly explain it.  How does linux need to be changed to
> handle this case?  If it can tell whether it is in UTC or not, it could
> figure out from the time zone how to handle daylight savings time.

In some senses, running a unix system without the hardware clock set
to UTC doesn't make sense (except for compatibility with other OS's).
Consider the case of someone logging in to your machine from Hawaii
(Assuming you are reasonably far from Hawaii).  They can see *their*
local time on your machine just by setting an environment variable to
reflect their location.  This doesn't work unless you have some
canonical time.

> In the meantime how can I switch to UTC?  I like to have local time
> available on my system (Im rather far from Greenwhich) too, so will the
> date command still display my local time even if Im using UTC?

You need to set GMT="-u" in /etc/init.d/boot (search for the section
where GMT is already being set), and then you need to reset the
hardware clock to GMT based on the current system time.  You can do
that with "clock -au".  That's it.

The only drawback is that other OSes like Win95 will have the wrong
time, but who cares about that :> Note that next time daylight savings
changes, Win95 will reset your clock next time you boot it.  You'll
have to go in and change it back.  Win95 doesn't ask you for
permission, but it does warn you.

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