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Re: base-files does not create /usr/local directories

> I just received this from Brian. The feature of dpkg to skip certain
> directories when unpacking a .deb has been discussed already. How easy can
> this be implemented?

In fact, as part of the Deity project, I'd like to do something a little
more elaborate.  I'd like to be able to remove or change any arbitrary
path.  (This was originally Behan's idea, actually.)

For example:

d /usr/local/			# delete anything starting with /usr/local/
s /usr/share/ /usr/local/share/	# move things in /usr/share to /usr/local/share

These rules would sit in a file like "/etc/dpkg/rules" or something and
would be settable on a per-machine basis.

Such a configuration would allow a file-server to keep everything intact
and have all of the workstations (that mount /usr/share from the file-server)
just automatically ignore any files to be dropped there.

To be safe, I'd probably recommend having "D" and "S" in addition to "d"
and "s" that instead of just blindly altering would verify that the files
already exist and match those in the package (causing an install error if
that is not the case).  This is a useful safety check on networks.

If md5sums are being kept for each and every file, then this could also
be used to produce warnings if files expected by the workstation don't match
those exported by the server.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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