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Re: Ideas for `bug'.

>  * When the user enters the editor through bug he gets:
> ----------------
> Package: tool
> Version: 1.0-1
> ;;;Remove the line if you don't want the file sent:
> /etc/tool.passwords
> #/etc/another.way   (<--- commented way may be the default!)
> ;;;
> ----------------

no. bug should prompt the user with a list of conffiles before the
editor is called. then the user will select the config files to be
included, and leater in the editor he can edit them (like replaceing
passwords with SECRET and such stuff).

>  Bug would then insert the named files in the bug report. The drawback is
> that the user doesn't have the ability to further edit the conffiles.

thats very bad. don't to it that way.

regards, andreas

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