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Re: compiling with gettext

Yesterday I reported that I was no longer able to compile the package 'sp'.
Santiago Vila and Tom Lees both kindly offered suggestions, but both of
these still leave sp in an uncompilable state.

Santiago pointed out that the problem might be intrinsic to the 
existing gettext-0.26, and suggested I wait til gettext-0.28 becomes
available.  This might be a very long time, since gettext-0.26 came out 
in December.

Tom pointed out that my include line:
> > #include "/usr/share/gettext/intl/libgettext.h" 
referred to libc6 headers, which must surely have caused a problem since
I was linking with libc5.  So I changed this to
#include "/usr/include/libintl.h".
But this produces the same result as if I had no include line at all:

../lib/libsp.a(MessageTable.o): In function `GettextMessageTable::GettextMessageTable(void)':
MessageTable.o(.text+0x35): undefined reference to `bindtextdomain'
../lib/libsp.a(MessageTable.o): In function `GettextMessageTable::getText(MessageFragment const &, String<char> &) const':
MessageTable.o(.text+0x69): undefined reference to `dgettext'

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be very grateful.


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