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Re: 1.3 installation report.

At 10:07 PM 18/05/97 -0500, Guy Maor wrote:
>But is the last line in the file?

Certainly is.  I just saw someone post on a 'login' bug that they couldn't
log in as anyone except for root because of the passwd file being mode 600
- this isn't the case for me.

the daemon.log reports this:

May 19 11:14:03 aurora sshd[6413]: log: Connection from port 1023
May 19 11:14:04 aurora sshd[6413]: log: Rhosts authentication refused for
karl: bad modes for /home/karl/.rhos
May 19 11:14:06 aurora sshd[6413]: fatal: Connection closed by remote host.

When I try to log in in my normal account.  /home is nfs mounted from
another server, so what I tried to do was unmount /home and leave the
default 'karl' account there and I got this error:

May 19 11:17:00 aurora sshd[6433]: log: Connection from port 1023
May 19 11:17:03 aurora sshd[6433]: fatal: Connection closed by remote host.

I ran sshd in debug mode and got this:

log: Connection from port 1022
debug: Client protocol version 1.5; client software version 1.2.20
debug: Sent 768 bit public key and 1024 bit host key.
debug: Encryption type: idea
debug: Received session key; encryption turned on.
debug: Attempting authentication for karl.
debug: Trying rhosts with RSA host authentication for root
debug: RhostsRSA authentication failed for 'karl', remote 'root', host
debug: Password authentication for karl failed.
fatal: Connection closed by remote host.

So, I cannot figure this out - it's baffling me, I *know* I can login
alright and I'm fingerable.

Karl Ferguson,
Tower Networking Pty Ltd    Tel: +61-8-9456-0000	karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services    Fax: +61-8-9455-2776	karl@debian.org

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