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Re: a.s.r manpages

> I am about to create a package (in fact it's ready) with
> alt.sysadmin.recovery man pages (things like lart, sysadmin, etc.)
> So, first of all I'd like to check if there are no other people working on
> it and if the others think this should be put into Debian.
> And another question - I'm not sure if my choice of games section is
> proper... Yes, I know it will be distribution maintainer who'll put it in
> some correct place, but I'd like to have a good section put in the
> package...

Personally, I question placing them in the main distribution at all 
(including non-free and contrib).  I have nothing wrong with the 
contents (if available, it would be installed on my system rather 
quickly), but rather the unwanted publicity it could cause.

A.s.r is a rather selective place.  Whilst those who read and post to 
it like it the way it is, and don't want lusers (read the other 
postings in this thread fora one-line description of lusers) there, 
there is little they can do about it.  Already, one must wave a dead 
chicken to successfully post to the group, and one of the entries in 
the groups FAQ is that reposting ASR material to alt.best.of.internet 
or similar groups (like rec.humor or rec.humor.funny) is highly frowned 
upon.  So far, it's worked.  The S/N is rather high, even with the 
traffic it gets.  (Granted, the group has a relatively odd definition 
of "signal", bit there are worse groups -- what counts as noise on 
alt.religion.kibology, anyway?)  But there is a noticable dip in S/N 
when the group gets publicity.

I would prefer keeping the package -out- of the distribution, and 
mentioning on a.s.r that it is available, even if that would be 
considered useful information.

>        Paul

     Buddha Buck                      bmbuck@acsu.buffalo.edu
"Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so the strength of our
liberty depends upon the chaos and cacaphony of the unfettered speech
the First Amendment protects."  -- A.L.A. v. U.S. Dept. of Justice

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