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Re: Default editor/pager

On May 9, Ian Jackson wrote
> We've been round this several times, with lots of discussion, but I
> think it's time to do it again and hopefully get resolution.
> 1. Requirements:
> 1.1. Users of programs like man and trn and so forth should get the
>      best editor or pager available by default.
> 1.2. All applications which invoke editors and pagers should be properly
>      affected by EDITOR and PAGER.
> 1.3. vipw and vigr should invoke vi by default, if available and
>      EDITOR is not set.
> 2. Observations:
> 2.1. Almost all programs obey EDITOR and PAGER already - we just need
>      a sensible compiled-in default.
> 2.2. Programs which do not obey EDITOR and PAGER can be fixed, or if
>      this is hard they can be pointed at script(s) which do obey these
>      variables.
> 2.3. We do not want to try to set EDITOR and PAGER conditionally in
>      /etc/profile &c., both because the user's environment doesn't
>      want to be cluttered and because this is hard to do for all
>      shells.
> 3. Conclusions:
> 3.1. From 1.3 and 1.1 we can see that we need versions of vipw and
>      vigr which call the best editor if available, rather than
>      defaulting to vi.
> 3.2. From 2.1 and 2.3 we can see that we need new pathnames which can
>      be compiled into programs as the best editor and pager.
> 4. Proposals:
> 4.1. There should be /usr/bin/editor and /usr/bin/pager, managed using
>      update-alternatives, with some appropriate centrally-specified
>      priorities.
> 4.2. there should be editpw and editgr which set EDITOR to
>      editor if it is not already set and then call vipw or
>      vigr.
> 4.3. vipw and vigr should call EDITOR or vi (from the PATH); if
>      vi is not available they should prompt or fail, and suggest
>      editpw or editgr.
> 4.4. There should be scripts /usr/share/sensible-editor and
>      /usr/share/sensible-pager which invoke EDITOR or PAGER, or
>      editor or pager if the environment variables are not set.
> 5. Implementation - phase 1, provision:
> 5.1. At least emacs, ae and nvi need to be changed so that they
>      use update-alternatives to provide editor, and at least less
>      and util-linux (containing more) need to provide pager.
> 5.2. base-files should be made to contain /usr/share/sensible/editor
>      and /usr/share/sensible-pager.
> 6. Implementation - phase 2, use:
> 6.1. editpw and editgr need to be added to the passwd package,
>      and vipw and vigr changed to use vi unless EDITOR is set.
> 6.2. All other programs which have ae as a default editor for when
>      EDITOR is unset or more as a default pager for when PAGER is
>      unset need to be changed to use editor or pager.
> 6.3. All programs which do not honour EDITOR or PAGER should be
>      changed to call sensible-editor and sensible-pager.
> Ian.
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This approach has three problems, IMO:
1) it's impossibile start a different editor if the user is in X.
2) vipw and vigr use a different approach than the other programs (this is
only a elegance proble, I admit).
3) in general is not much flexible, because his behaviur is not determinated
by a run-time script.

My proposal is this:

editor and pager are scripts which read the file /etc/editor-choiches and
/etc/pager-choices when invoked. Exemplum of /etc/editor-choiches:

# program-to-invoke   preference X11  preference tty    preferred by
jed                   3               2                 - 
xemacs                4               0                 - 
vi                    2               1                 vipw,vigr

if the user is in X11, xemacs wil be the choice, but if the user is in tty,
jed will be the choice; if editor is called by vipw vi is the choice.
When vi is installed on the system, the vi package modify (perhaps with a
program install-editor) /etc/editor-choices.
All program now must only call editor, and the rigth editor will be called.
If a user in X11 prefer xjed, he write a appropriate .editor-choices file.


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