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Re: Does PGP build on big-endian systems?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Eric Delaunay:
> > 1/ your method to detect between little/big-endian architectures fails because
> >   debian/debian script isn't executable after I extracted sources using
> >   dpkg-source.  You have to run chmod +x ... before running it.
> Oops. I fixed that by running the script via sh, not directly by name.
> No need for the chmod anymore.

The problem remains on my SparcLinux machine:

make[1]: execvp: debian/endian: Permission denied

and it works if I run chmod +x on debian/endian

> > 3/ I cannot build pgp-us but it's merely because I don't have rsaref library 
> I forgot to mention that you need that, too. Sorry. It's in the same
> place, I hope.

I have no problem in compiling rsaref, pgp-us and pgp-i.

They all work well on my Debian/SparcLinux


	Davide Barbieri

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