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Re: daylight savings time: POSIX vs real world

On Fri, 2 May 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> If your hardware clock ("CMOS clock", "BIOS clock") is in UTC,
> and your timezone is set up correctly, Linux handles daylight
> savings time correctly.
> Ditto, if your hardware clock is in local time, but then you
> need to change the hardware clock manually when DST goes on or
> off. Linux doesn't do that, but Windows does.

That would certainly explain it.  How does linux need to be changed to
handle this case?  If it can tell whether it is in UTC or not, it could
figure out from the time zone how to handle daylight savings time.

In the meantime how can I switch to UTC?  I like to have local time
available on my system (Im rather far from Greenwhich) too, so will the
date command still display my local time even if Im using UTC?

Hope this newbie questions isnt too much for y'all =)


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