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Re: debian programmers manual not OK?

> > programmer.ps.gz won't print....
> > [...]
> > Can someone fix this please?
> I'd be happy to, but I'm having difficulty understanding the problem
> you're having.  Can you be a bit more explicit about the sort of
> trouble you are having printing programmer.ps?  The only PostScript
> interpreter I have available to me at the moment is GhostScript, and
> that appears to render the file with no trouble.

Hi Klee,

Thanks for replying. Here is what i did:
1)gzip -d programmer.ps.gz
2)transfer to a msdos system with ftp binary transfer
3)print programmer.ps (on a postscript printer)

This gives me one page with a line of garbage like 00FC0000FC0000FC00 
etc. and tons of empty pages.

Here is what went wrong I think:

when transferring to the msdos system programmer.ps is renamed to 
programm.ps. Now, programm.ps contains a line like:

%DVIPSCommandLine: dvips -t letter -o programmer.ps programmer.dvi
and a bit further on:
TeXDict begin 40258431 52099146 1000 600 600 (programmer.dvi)

 Can you guess what went wrong now?
It's my own stupid fault...

> So far as I can tell, programmer.html.tar.gz also contains a valid
> HTML file (although it is in the wrong directory; I'll fix that in the
> next release).  Can you give me a bit more information about what sort
> of trouble you're having viewing the file?

> Note that the manual you are most likely looking for is not the
> 'programmers manual' (which contains preliminary documentation on dpkg
> internals), but rather the 'packaging manual' (which used to be called
> the 'programmers manual').  The dpkg documentation has been renamed to
> 'dpkg internals' to avoid this confusion in the release,
> which should appear soon.

I see what you mean. I must have been confused with the name 
changing. I was expecting the programmers manual like it used to be, 
but saw something else. My apologies...
I will take a look at the packaging manual!

Thanks for your help!


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