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Re: Bug#10060: libc6-dev: time.h and linux/time.h conflict

You're absolutely right. I should have thought before I posted. In fact
I already patched ibcs to work regardless which gcc/C library is used,
since ibcs (as a kernel module) should include the kernel headers, but
not the differing application headers.

I'm sorry for reporting a non existant bug.


P.S.: It was one of those days ...
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>Von: 	Helmut Geyer[SMTP:Helmut.Geyer@IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De]
>Gesendet: 	Freitag, 23. Mai 1997 19:48
>An: 	meskes@topsystem.de; 10060@bugs.debian.org
>Cc: 	10060-done@bugs.debian.org
>Betreff: 	Re: Bug#10060: libc6-dev: time.h and linux/time.h conflict
>> Package: libc6-dev
>> Version: 2.0.3-4
>> Just try to compile ibcs. I won't work because one source file includes
>> <time.h> and <linux/sched.h> (or others), which includes <linux/time.h>.
>> This gives an error condition since both files have a different definition
>> structure timespec. In fact it's not that much of a difference (long vs.
>> long int) but enough for gcc to see an error. There are other double
>> structures in other files (e.g. timeval, timezone, itimerval).
>That is right, but this is _not_ a bug in libc 6 but comes from the fact that
>many Linux applications use the kernel haeders themselves, which generally is
>a bad idea anyway.
>The change in the C library (i.e. to provide headers for all the stuff that
>not really kernel-dependant) is coordinated with Linus and the kernel
>These problems are bugs (or lets say portability problems) in the packages..
>IBCS should be fixed, not libc6.
>	Helmut
>Helmut Geyer
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