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Re: copyright question for abuse

> Crack dot Com has decided to release abuse as public domain software. So no
> more a.out abuse, once I get the new one built. But I do have a couple of
> questions about their copyright:
>  This release is to the public domain, meaning there are very few
>  restrictions in on use.  But here are a few :
>  Restrictions :
>    Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Abuse Trademark and data sets.

What does data sets mean?  Anyways, I think they are saying that they are
retaining copyright, and just licensing it.  This is the same as most of
our other software.

>  Disclaimer of Warranty :
>    As with most Public Domain software, no warranty is made or implied
>    by Crack dot Com or Jonathan Clark.
>  Export Restrictions :
>    I'm not a very legal person, so I don't know if PD software can
>    be exported countries subject to U.S.A. export restrictions (currently
>    Cuba, Yugoslavia, Hati, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Syria).  Just to
>    be safe don't put it there.

Nobody is allowed to export software (or hardly anything, really) to these
countries.  This can be safely ignored.
>  Things you CAN do :
>    Make another game and sell it commercially
>    Use bits and parts as you see fit.
>    Learn how to make a better game
>    Port Abuse to any system you like.
> This all seems ok except for maybe the export restrictions section. We don't
> have a non-Cuba-Yugoslavia-Hati-Iran-Iraq-North-Korea-and-Syria section like
> we have a non-us section.. so does abuse belong in non-free or on some
> us-only ftp site, or what?

Don't worry about it.
> Also, what is being released into the public domain is the abuse engine, but
> not the data files for the actual game (levels, sounds, so on). Those still
> have a non-free copyright. So there will probably be a abuse-libs package
> that is in non-free, which will stick abuse, which will depend on that
> package, right back in contrib, where it is now.

Sounds like the libs can go into the free section.  Cool.


 - Jim

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