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Re: cvs.debian.org [Was: Using CVS for package development]

> We are running cvs.debian.org over an ISDN line.  Currently the only
> code under it is the Deity project.
> I can make other source trees and set up other users if others want to
> do distributed development this way.
> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to set up "world read access" yet
> because CVS always wants write access to the directory (for lock files)
> so currently it is either group read/write or world read/write.

What about cvsup?  All I know about it is that the FreeBSD use it to
distribute their sources...

It would be nice to be able to have an automated procedure to make any 
package in the Debian source tree available via CVS so that a group of 
people could work on it simultaneously. (no hurry though, just an idea)

Another idea... is "coda" (an afs/nfs replacement from Carnegie-Mellon)
a possibility for building a really large filesystem spread across 
multiple machines on the internet?


 - Jim

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